CH2V is such an invaluable tool. The website is super easy to create & maintain! It’s great to have one place to send our cheer team to get updated info about events, practices, and fundraisers. You can even sell merchandise directly from the site making fundraisers that much easier. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful tool available for free!  - Emily K, Webmaster,  Wiley Cheer Boosters 


I am a new webmaster this year and using CH2V has made learning the website so easy for me. I am able to make changes and updates quickly and efficiently. It has been a wonderful tool for fundraising, PTA sign-ups, getting current information out, and having a one-stop-shop for the various clubs and activities run by the PTA. 
- Chrissy, Webmaster, Deer Creek Elementary PTA


ClickHere2Volunteer made designing a website super easy! I love all the features that made customizing our page a breeze. Not only is the site practical but it is also functional. It has helped with parent involvement and our parents also love that they are now able to make credit card payments for most of the items we sell for fundraising. Thank you for taking our PTSA to the next level! - Chrystal, Webmaster, Air Base K-8 PTSA


I have had a role in setting up and maintaining 4 CH2V websites for our Local PTSAs and our PTSA Council. It continues to be the ideal solution for an online payment option, with low fees and easy to learn page creation. We immediately got a bump in membership when we set up the site. CH2V knows what a nonprofit needs and has developed a site that meets those needs. They are super helpful and we have now been using them for years with great results.  - Theresa T, Webmaster, Riverview PTSA Council


I am now at my 3rd school for which I have created a CH2V website. It is hard to imagine this site and all of its features are free! Creating involvement is all about communication and providing information. CH2V has made a tremendous difference at all 3 of my schools. I am very excited about the continued enhancements to the platform. Thank you!  - Christine S, Webmaster, Gray's Creek MS PTA


 I love CH2V! I did the Ellison Elementary PTA site years ago. When my kid moved up to middle school and I saw how difficult it was to update the PTA’s WordPress site (and I was a software developer for 12 years) AND how much they were paying ($312/year for the site and $378/year for email services!!), I knew I needed to switch them to CH2V!  - Jen P, Webmaster, Hector Garcia MS PTA


CH2V has been a game-changer for our PTA and school. It has bridged the communication gap from the school and PTA. We have replaced our volunteer coordinator with the website, and now everyone has access to volunteer. It has also made our fundraising efforts 200% more effective and efficient. We don’t have to count as much cash, and that is a huge time saver! The website also allows us to pre-screen approved volunteers, have a private directory, and so much more! Thank you so much for helping us be so successful! - Kim G, President, TPES PTA

"We love CH2V. It's easy to use, even for non-technical people. We really appreciate you offering this service free of charge."- Jennifer P, Bonnie Ellison Elementary PTA