1) Establish your MemberHub site.

First, you need to establish a MemberHub Site.   
Go to www.memberhub.com/ch2v.  Instructions are on the page. 

If you do not see your CH2V site listed after establishing a log-in, contact MemberHub Support.  Make sure you tell them you represent a CH2V Site.  They will help you establish your eCommerce site at MemberHub. 

2) Set Up Your eStore at MemberHub.

You will create (or re-create) your store over at MemberHub.  It's actually quite easy, as they have colors, sizes etc. for Spirit Wear and a simple interface to add multip[le items.  You can also use their GiveBack program, or any other eCommerce Module.

3) Connect Your CH2V Site to MemberHub.

MemberHub has features for user management, email, etc. that you should explore.  But you may continue hosting your organization web site at CH2V, while taking full advantage of eCommerce at MemberHub.

Just create a "Store" link anywhere on your CH2V site, and link to your eStore over at MemberHub.   The following organization edited their "Store" tab to hold a picture linking to their MemberHub eStore.